Located in the eastern part of the island, Bayamo is the second village founded by Spaniards in 1513 under the name of San Salvador de Bayamo. The city is by far one of the most important cities in the history of Cuba.

In an attempt to live the ancient mysteries of the country, you should start by visiting the village. Indeed, the place is notorious for being the cradle of the national heritage.

Bayamo was the home of the rich bourgeoisie and landowners. However, some inhabitants, in order to express their opposition to the Spanish government in the Island, decided to burn the city down in 1869. Yet, we can observe some monuments that transcended time and are still able to expose the history of those years.


The place is a famous touristic destination, and offers clients a good range of options concerning accommodation.

Some lodgment choices are city hotels, that are ready to provide clients with a good level of satisfaction; mostly thanks to the welcoming environment of its facilities.

Likewise, in a “casa particular” you will be surrounded by a warm environment and friendly people.

Either one or the other will represent an opportunity to interact with the most authentic Cuban traditions.

What to do in Bayamo?

Certainly, main attractions in Bayamo are related to history and nature as well.

In a walking tour throughout the city, you will appreciate some emblematic buildings surrounding the boulevard.

On the other hand, Bayamo was the birth place of the most notorious patriots of the Cuban history, therefore the city is really attached to the Independence Wars.

Bayamo is a good place for hiking and enjoying nature. There are natural parks that will show endemic species of the Island. The place, is also home of the big mountain range Sierra Maestra, that served as shelter to Fidel Castro and the Cuban rebels.

A distinctive feature of the city is “el coche”, horse carriages that serve as a way of transportation for locals but is part of the culture in Bayamo. It has even been mentioned in popular songs, and the city itself has a factory for the restoration of these vehicles.


Bayamo is mainly accessed to by land. There are some options to travel to the city depending on the starting point of your journey. For instance, you can get to the city by bus, taxi, in a rental car or even by train. Additionally, you can stop by if visiting a neighbor city.

Another option should be to use the nearby airports, such as the international airports at Holguín or Santiago de Cuba.

Briefly, Bayamo is the city of history, and also home of very proud inhabitants. No doubt, the city is magic and endearing on its own. Do not hesitate, contact us. We can live the experience together.
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