When traveling to the eastern part of Cuba, we find Camagüey, a city full of history and emblematic buildings. The village was founded in 1514 by the Spaniard conquerors, who named it Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe.

Formerly the province was famous for having numerous churches, most of them catholic temples. Still, nowadays, the place is known as “la Ciudad de los Tinajones” thanks to the big clay pots that were used for storing rain water and keeping it fresh. When walking through the city, you will find these giant pots all over the place.

Additionally, Camagüey was the cradle of wealthy families and landowners that made it a remarkable place for culture and architecture as well.


Thanks to its location, Camagüey has become a frequent stop for people who visit the eastern cities in the Island. Therefore, it is ready to offer clients a good range of accommodation options.

First of all, the place is home of some city hotels that go from old European style buildings to more modern facilities. The traveler can stay at the historic center of the village or enjoy a little more privacy away from the rush of the city.

Your second alternative, may be staying at a “casa particular”. Certainly, a good choice to spend some quality time with the locals. Additionally, you will closely live the most autochthonous traditions of the village.

What to do in Camagüey?

No doubt, some distinctive features in Camagüey are architecture and cultural life. Actually, the city was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO thanks to the preservation of the historical area. It is a privilege to walk around the squares and be a part of this wonderful legacy.

Consequently, your top option would be to travel around to discover its great charms. In the old part of the city, streets form kind of a labyrinth that will give the idea of traveling in time. All around the place you will discover buildings dating from the colony years, such as the various churches, squares and museums. You will also be able to visit specific spots that were part of the independence war against Spain.

Another distinctive feature of the city is the role played in culture. Throughout the years, Camagüey was home of many important personalities, and the cultural development in the city is really well-known. The city is worldwide famous thanks to Camagüey Ballet company, that has been part of the Cuban heritage since 1967.


The city is accessible by land and air. Camagüey has an international airport that also handles domestic flights. Additionally, you can make a stop at the village if you are coming from any other destination in the country, mostly if you are planning to stay at the eastern provinces.

Camagüey can be summed up in few words, history and legacy. If you are eager to find that in a destination, this is the right place for you. We are ready to help you discover its charms. Join us!
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