Cayo Cruz

Cayo Cruz is located in the archipelago Jardines del Rey, at the north coast of Cuba. The place covers 32 square kilometers, and it offers 22.5 kilometers of white sand along with clear and shallow waters.

The beauty and the preservation of the environment, has made Cayo Cruz a destination mainly intended for tourism. Therefore, the cay has no population, which makes it one of the safest destinations in Cuba.

Indeed, Cayo Cruz is the perfect spot for a gateway in the peace of the tropical nature.


Even if the cay is a highly touristic destination, the only accommodation options are all inclusive hotels. Actually, the area has just few hotels, still they provide clients with excellence in the service. Additionally, the views are gorgeous and its clients can stay in touch with a natural environment.

What to do in Cayo Cruz?

Since Cayo Cruz is almost an exclusive sun and beach destination, most of the activities and excursions are related to the ocean. Then, your first leisure choices may be to enjoy some quality time by the beach shore of your resort.

On the other hand, there are some options available at the marina; for example, you can go on board of a catamaran or experience some deep-sea fishing. Moreover, snorkeling and scuba diving are quite an alternative. The place is surrounded by a well-preserved coral reef, that will show you a magnificent view of the underwater species.

It is worth to mention that Cayo Cruz is pretty close to its neighbors, Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo. Indeed, you can go visit them either in a double decker bus ride or in an excursion on board of a jeep. If you are willing to find some wild nature in your voyage, this is also a good place. The cay is home of many endemic species, and also allows you to interact with animals, such as sea turtles, iguanas and flamingos.


Cayo Cruz is connected to its neighboring cays by a series of causeways. Therefore, it is possible to access the region if you use the International Airport Jardines del Rey located at Cayo Coco.

On the other hand, the cay is also connected to the country, so you can totally access the area by coming from any other city.

Cayo Cruz, is the prime destination for beach lovers and the perfect venue for quality time at an isolated resort area. If you want to live the experience, contact us. We can plan it together.
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