Cayo Santa María

Cayo Santa María is one of the cays located at the North coast of Cuba, exactly at the archipelago Jardines del Rey. Indeed, the place is a small Cay that offers 10 kilometers of the most amazing beaches in the world.

The magical charm of the Cay is the immense beauty of the beach. Even if it shows some small cliffs, they would only enhance the magnificence of the views. No doubt, many visitors have been left speechless in front of the turquoise waters.

In fact, it represents the second touristic venue in the Island still the Cay provides clients with a peaceful vacation, totally away from the rush of the city. On the other hand, there is no population what makes Cayo Santa María one of the safest destinations in Cuba.

Still, it is worth to mention the environmentalist work in the area, since it is essential for the protection of endemic species from the Caribbean. For example, the Cay is home to a great population of flamingos. Besides the coral reef in the archipelago is the second best preserved in the world.


In spite of the importance of the Cay as a touristic venue, the only lodgment option available is all- inclusive hotels. Yet, all the resorts are structured to meet every need of its clients, and offer them a great deal of excellence and quality.

What to do in Cayo Santa María?

As it was stated before, the beach plays the main role in the Cay. Consequently, water activities and excursions are the best positioned. Among them we can remark catamaran trips, or motorized water sports that would allow you to discover some natural pools. Additionally, it is recommended to take a chance and try snorkeling or scuba diving. You will be impressed by the diversity and conservation of the seabed.

Moreover, you can go on a panoramic tour on board of the double decker bus to sightsee around the area. Unquestionably, you will enjoy visiting the squares, to live the authenticity and quality of the services.

Land excursions are very good options as well. In order to explore the surroundings of the Cay we suggest a visit to neighbor cities such as Remedios or Trinidad.


The main point of access to Cayo Santa María is a 48 kilometers long manmade causeway that connects the place to the mainland. Subsequently, it is only accessible by land.

Undeniably, if you want to make a stop in your routine, it is the best option to stop by Cayo Santa María. Your reward will be a tropical paradisiacal getaway.
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