Matanzas is the second largest province in Cuba and it is located in the western part of the country. The destination is also known as the “Athens of Cuba” thanks to its cultural development. Additionally, the area is well provided with running rivers and beaches, so it is called “the city of bridges”.

During the 16th century the bay of Matanzas was used by French and Dutch pirates for illegal traffic. Consequently, by orders of the King of Spain, 30 families from Canary Islands settled in the region and immediately started building fortresses to prevent the attacks and smugglings in the area. Finally, San Carlos y San Severino de Matanzas was founded in 1693; according to its structure it was considered a city since its foundation.

Nowadays, Matanzas is mainly famous for its architectural styles, and the beauty of its beaches. The province covers a wide area that invites the traveler to enjoy the coast line form north to south. Thereupon, it has become a growing venue for tourism thanks to its top venues: Varadero and the Península de Zapata.


Matanzas is a well-developed touristic destination, subsequently, the region offers a wide range of lodging opportunities.

Essentially, all over the province there are hotels and resorts that are fully equipped to provide clients with quality services and luxe. Depending on your travelling plan, you can enjoy a sojourn in the beach, around the city or a getaway close to nature.

Another popular alternative are bed and breakfast accommodations. Certainly, in a “casa particular” the traveler will find comfort and authenticity bounded together with a warm environment.

What to do in Matanzas?

Matanzas, the capital city of the province, is a place of great architectural values. It is advisable to stop by and walk around the main square where the visitor can find interesting buildings such as: The Pharmaceutical Museum, a 19th century French pharmacy (the only of its kind in the world). Later on, the Vigía square that exposes the magnificent Sauto Theater, and you can walk by the boulevard boarding San Juan river. The city also offers good options for nature lovers, including the Yumurí Valley and Bellamar Caves.

The province is also home of one of the most visited spots in Cuba: Varadero. The Hicacos peninsula hosts the most beautiful beach in Cuba, as categorized by most travelers. Moreover, the area offers varied nautical activities and it represents a good choice to interact with the local population in a safe destination.

On the other hand, a distinctive characteristic of Matanzas is the Península de Zapata. The region is located at the southern area of the province, and it offers a natural park with one of the best-preserved wetlands and green areas in the country. Additionally, diving and snorkeling are among the top proposals, since the South coast has always clear and calmed water.


The province may be accessed to by air, thanks to the Varadero International Airport that handles international flights. However, it is also reachable by land since it offers one of the most visited places in the Island. Travelers can visit the place in a taxi, a bus or in a rented car.

Matanzas can be both, a hidden treasure to enjoy solitude and privacy or a popular sun and beach venue. In any case, you are going to enjoy your visit unmistakably. We would love to share the experience. Contact us!
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