San Juan de los Remedios is a small town located in the center of the Island. The village was founded by the Spanish conquerors in 1513, yet it is known under the nickname of “the eight village”. Certainly, Remedios is one of the hidden treasures of the country that holds the tittles of Heritage of Humanity and National Treasure of Cuba.

However, the village had a controversial history; it was attacked by pirates in several occasions and it was even burnt down. Still, with great effort, the city grew and gained a renowned position in the Cuban society of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Mostly thanks to the hard work of its inhabitants, the city shows a very well-preserved local architecture dating from the 17th century. Up to these days, Remedios is one of the few places in Cuba where its population firmly maintains its idiosyncrasy.


The city has some hotels that offer the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful sojourn in a classic style facility, close to the colonial area. Indeed, the hotel complex in Remedios is aimed at exposing the beauty of its emblematic urban environment.

On the other hand, it is highly advisable to stay in a “casa particular”. The local population is very committed with the preservation of their ancestors’ legacy. Therefore, bed and breakfast lodgments in the village are located in houses full of antiques and relics. However, as part of the authenticity of the place, the ancient architecture coexists with some modern amenities to provide clients with comfort and luxe.

What to do in Remedios?

Remedios is one of the best-preserved colonial villages in Cuba. No doubt, the first option during your visit should be to walk through out its labyrinth streets. Among the great architectural and structural values are the amazing buildings surrounding the Central Square. Actually, this is the only square in the whole country with two catholic churches: the chapel of Nuestra Señora del Buen Viaje and the parish church: Iglesia Parroquial Mayor San Juan Bautista. The Parish Church is a one in a kind piece of architecture in the island, with baroque altars with 22K gold plating.

Another distinctive feature of Remedios are its local festivities: Las Parrandas. The whole town enjoys this traditional festivity that takes place in December 24th. The place is ignited with fireworks and the town is divided into two rival counties that compete in the holidays performing shows, dances and wearing costumes. Additionally, you can stop by El Museo de las Parrandas a museum with the most representative items belonging to these festivities.

Remedios also offers the magnificent experience of visiting a museum known as El Museo de la Agroindustria Marcelo Salado, dedicated to the processes in the sugar industry in Cuba. During the visit one may also enjoy the extraordinary trip on board of a classic steam train and the traditional sugar cane beverage, the Cuban “guarapo”.


The only possible access to Remedios is by land and since it is a growing touristic destination the city is pretty reachable by taxi or in a rental car.

Take our advice and put a pin in your map at Remedios, you will be delighted by the warmth of its people and the wonderful ancient architecture of the area. We will wait for you, contact us!
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