Sancti Spíritus

Sancti Spíritus, is a province located in the center of the Island. The villages of Sancti Spiritus and Santísima Trinidad, both parts of the same territory, were founded in 1514 by the Spanish conquerors. Likewise, both are included among the first villages established in the colony years.

Sancti Spíritus, the capital city of the province, still preserves its original design and exposes the Parish Church, the Main Theater, and the bridge crossing the Yayabo river.

The province is well known for some touristic destinations; Trinidad, Topes de Collantes and Península de Ancón. However, the capital city itself offers some monuments and great architectural styles.


The province is provided with accommodation options that are very well spread throughout the main cities.

The visitor can select a classic city hotel, and enjoy its great architecture style or stay in a more modern facility. In the same way, the geography of the place allows clients to enjoy a resort at the beach in Playa Ancón or a lodgment alternative surrounded by nature in Topes de Collantes.

It is also possible to interact with the population if you choose to stay in a “casa particular”, where householders have created their own innovative ways to make their guests feel at home.

What to do in Sancti Spíritus?

Indeed, the province will offer different types of activities and excursions.

First of all, the visitor can enjoy walking around its colonial style villages. These cities offer the opportunity of traveling in time and admiring the architecture and splendor of the 18th century. The capital city of the province offers some magnificent buildings such as La Iglesia Parroquial Mayor (the parish church) among the most beautiful in the country.

On the other hand, Sancti Spíritus, is the perfect location to take some time at leisure and enjoy the most autochthonous Cuban vegetation. The Natural Park Topes de Collantes, located 800 meters above sea level, is a venue of great relevance for science and botany. The place is home to many endemic species and also offers some caves and waterfalls. Even when it is a touristic destination, the tranquility of the region is unique in the country.

The beach is another alternative in the province, since the place offers the Ancón peninsula. The area offers 4 kilometers of white sand and warm waters located in the Caribbean Sea. The site is also a good choice for divers for it counts with large populations of sponges and corals along with wrecked boats and galleons.


Sancti Spíritus is only accessible by land. Indeed, the destination is very reachable thanks to its location in the center of the island. The best options to visit the province would be to rent a car, to take a taxi or a bus.

Unquestionably, Sancti Spíritus is the perfect spot to enjoy everything you need in your vacation. The place is ideal either for a lovely day at the beach shoreline, a hiking tour in the mountains or a peaceful walking day in a colonial city. Come, and live a memorable experience.
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