Santa Lucía

Santa Lucía is a notorious, and somehow intimate touristic venue. This resort area is located north of Camagüey, and it covers up to 30 kilometers of coastline. Likewise, the destination offers 21 kilometers of wonderful beach shoreline with amazing possibilities of enjoying its tropical environment.

Actually, Santa Lucía is a rather small village, that used to be developed for tourism. Indeed, the zone is estimated to have around 4 500 inhabitants and only offers a few services outside the resort area. No doubt, the place the perfect stop for a getaway.

On the other hand, the village is located in an almost virgin environment, away from big cities. In consequence, it is also a good place to enjoy nature and to interact with some animals in its natural habitat.


Since the village became a growing touristic venue, the place is ready to offer varied lodgment options.

Additionally, these resort complexes are structured to provide clients all the comfort they need and help them enjoy the privacy of the place. In like manner they propose a magnificent alternative to get a deserved vacation.

On the other hand, if you prefer to interact with the local population you can check in at a “casa particular”. You will be delighted with the warm touch and the tender smile of the Cuban families.

What to do in Santa Lucía?

Santa Lucía is essentially a sun and beach destination. Due to the excellence of the coast line, most activities are related to the beach and the ocean.

First of all, it is always a good idea to book a day trip in a catamaran or to try deep-sea fishing, snorkeling or scuba diving, since the area is close to a well-preserved coral reef. For more experienced divers, that prefer an adrenaline rush, it is an alternative to witness a diving show feeding sharks in a natural habitat.

The village is another example in the conservation of natural environments. Particularly, you will find some tropical species in natural habitats or in places designed for their welfare. This is the case of flamingos, birds, or even crocodiles.

Moreover, you can visit some neighbor cities to explore around and definitely to couple your trip with some history and culture.


The city is only accessible by land. However, the visitor can use the international airport in Camagüey. An additional choice may be to make a stop by while visiting some eastern cities. Other options should be to come either in a taxi or a rental car.

Truth be told, Santa Lucía represents a good stop during your visit to Cuba. The village can provide great privacy and comfort in the middle of a tropical sun. We are waiting for you to plan the trip together. Contact us!
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