Right in the center region of the island, laying like a paradise lost in time, the visitor finds Trinidad. Certainly, a village that the deserves all its awards: Heritage of Humanity, Artisan Town, Cuban National Treasure and a living example of history and local traditions.

Trinidad was founded in 1514 under the name of Villa de la Santísima Trinidad. Since the first years, the city became one of the most flourished and developed cities in America. Due to the growth of the sugar industry, the village was home of important landowners that settle their modern sugar refineries in the site. Today, the place still reveals the ruins of these wealthy years in the industries and architecture as well.

Thanks to the hard work of the authorities and inhabitants, the heritage of the city is very well preserved up to this day.


Trinidad is a developed touristic destination, hence there are quite a few lodgment alternatives.

Even if the city has relatively few hotels, they offer the client some luxury and an excellent service. Most facilities show a classic architectural style that mingle with the rest of the village, while others are a little more modern and can set you away from the crowded downtown.

Additionally, the top accommodation choice in Trinidad is the popular “casa particular”. Indeed, householders are ready to expose the most antique trinitarian styles in their places, along with some modern services that contrast with the environment.

What to do in Trinidad?

Activities and excursions in Trinidad are extremely varied, it is a place that covers all the interests of the clients. The visitor can enjoy the tranquility of nature, live an adventurous canopy tour or relax by the seashore of Playa Ancón.

Unquestionably, the distinctive feature of Trinidad is the typical architecture of the village. In a walking tour through its cobblestones streets you will discover some ancient traditions. The houses are big manors with wide windows, porches and a lot of open-air areas. On the other hand, there are a lot of museums and towers that can show the richness of the former years of the city.

Another distinguishing aspect of the place is the ruins of the sugar refineries, that are located away from the city, in the renown Valle de los Ingenios. This Sugar Mills Valley, is nothing more than the well-preserved ruins and archeological sites that show the process of refining sugar from the sugar cane. This industry was the main source of the Cuban economy in 18th and 19th centuries.

Do not miss the nightlights of the city, a really warm and friendly environment. Trinidad is also popular for its restaurants and bars with musicians playing Cuban music at every spot and people chatting everywhere.


The city is accessed to by land; the traveler can either make a stop by while visiting a neighbor city or can come in taxi, a rental car or by bus.

Trinidad is a city that invites its visitors to live an adventure in the past in such a natural connection that you will immediately fall in love with the village. Let us be a part of this journey together.
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