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Car Rentals

You will find some useful information about procedures and protocols for renting a car in our Island. Please, consider our advice.

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Car Rentals FAQs
What do I need for renting a car in Cuba?

In order to rent a car in Cuba, all designated drivers must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver's license issued for more than 2 years. At the time of rental, the drivers must present their valid passports and the original of their driving licenses.

Which extras should be paid on-site upon renting a car?

Unless otherwise stated on your service voucher, you will have to pay the insurance and a leave a deposit as a warranty on-site upon renting a car.

Fuel is not included in the rental price and it is up to you to return the car with the same level of gasoline as entrusted. No refund is made for unused fuel.

Other extras to be paid on-site may be any additional driver and drop off fees.

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