Some of you may know how we were born and our history, but what made us proud of us is you!

Cubarama was founded in 1996 by the will and passion of its owner and is still the long-lasting DMC on the island with offices on site, specialized staff and registered office in Italy, where the administrative and commercial part is based. We will always taken care of your trip at 360 °: assistance in the different locations 24h / 7 days and attention to detail, to make your stay unforgettable! You only have to worry about one thing: enjoy your stay in one of the most fascinating destinations. We'll take care of the rest!

Our land services include hotels, casas particulares, on-site activities, tours, car rental respecting the needs of the customer, always believing that it is the journey that is shaped by the customer and not vice versa.
If you wonder why we chose Cuba, the answer is very simple... because once you discover it you wouldn't want to leave! It seems a banal phrase from "chocolates box" but it’s pure truth: every place we visit has a hidden treasure of sensations, emotions and colours that are pigeonholed in our memory and that 90% of the time will never abandon us.

Those who have already been there will be able to witness all this: its nuances, scents, the rhythm of Cuban music that is the soundtrack to your trip, Cubans with their unmistakable hospitality and spontaneity are just examples of what this destination has to offer you.

Cuba has so many facets that will warm your heart, whether you are a lover of culture and peculiarities of its cities or you are looking for a relaxing holiday to enjoy natural landscapes that leave you speechless or to immerse yourself in its Coral Reef, one of the best known in the world.

What we have been offering you for many years is not just a journey: it is an experience made of sensations, emotions and memories. The mere fact of participate – even if only minimally– in your journey and, therefore, of that memory is a privilege, as well as the motivation that pushes us to do more every day: growing with you!
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