Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco is located at the archipelago Jardines del Rey, at the north coast of Cuba. Certainly, it is a well-known “sun and beach” venue in the country. The cay is one of the biggest in the archipelago and it represents an important touristic destination. Even though, the place can still offer some privacy to its clients.

The destination is intended to settle the visitors away from the rush of the big cities. Additionally, there is not population, what makes Cayo Coco one of the safest destinations in Cuba.

Indeed, it is the typical place to enjoy the tropical weather of the country. Along with this, it is also a remarkable venue for nature lovers. The environment is almost virgin and peacefully coexists with touristic facilities.


Since it is a highly touristic destination, Cayo Coco is designed to provide clients all the comfort they require. However, the only lodgment options available in the cay are all inclusive hotels. Yet, they are all structured the meet the visitor’s needs. Additionally, they provide gorgeous views that will make you fall in love with the Caribbean.

What to do in Cayo Coco?

Most activities and excursions in the place are related to the ocean. First of all, you can enjoy entertainment included in your resort, such as some aquatic sports, aqua-gym or non-motor equipment. On the other hand, the beach is the main character in your holiday, so you can live quite a magnificent experience relaxing by the seashore of your hotel.

Moreover, the marina provides clients wonderful experiences on board of a catamaran. Additionally, the coral reef at Jardines del Rey is among the best preserved in the world. Consequently, you will love to go scuba diving or snorkeling to explore the beauty beyond compare that awaits underwater.

Still, you can have some fun if you go on an adventure discovering the surroundings of the place. The area is home of many species such as sea turtles, iguanas, birds and flamingos, that can be found either in the resort areas or at the Natural Park.

It is also possible to go on a double decker bus to visit the area or even explore around some neighbor cays. That may be a nice option on a very hot summer day.


Cayo Coco is accessible by land and air. Actually, there is a manmade causeway that joins the cay to the central area of the country. On the other hand, the place has and International Airport that also handles domestic flights.

Cayo Coco has one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba. Certainly, it is a venue ready to provide you the getaway you may be looking for. We are ready to start planning your stay. Contact us!
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