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Cubarama is a destination expert that will provide the best alternatives during your sojourn. Explore our products and our latest trends to complete your vacation plan.

Let us present you our portfolio

At hotels and casas particulares

With our lodging options your journey can take you to an all-inclusive resort near the beach. For nature lovers, to enjoy a lodge surrounded by the mountains or at the countryside. Maybe with a local family in their “casa particular”. Wherever your choice takes you, the reward will be the most autochthonous traditions and the warmth of the Cuban people. Chose your favourite! 

Tours and excursions
A wide range of activities for every destination

Our destination experts are ready to propose a series of tours and excursions throughout the Island. Undoubtedly, these varied and innovative activities represent the best opportunity to mingle with the local population, discover new places and live unforgettable adventures.                              Get ready for memorable emotions!

Around the entire Island

Transportation is essential during a visit abroad. Therefore, our Company always provide and guarantee a transportation service viable and accessible. Thanks to the private transfer services, you can enjoy privacy and comfort during your trip. Additionally, if you opt for a collective transfer: you will share your experience and adventures in small groups.              Select your transfer!

Car rental
On request & within 24 hours confirmation

There is nothing better than traveling abroad and exploring around to discover unknown charms by yourself. If it is the case, we can provide some car rental alternatives. Please, request the service in advance and we will guarantee you  quality & availability.

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